Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Week 7: Wikki

I am beginning a Wikki page for various trainings that I do. First up: Boys and Books. Click for more information.

I also linked to MD Libraries Sandbox.


D. L. S. said...

Grumpy-Jello, I am sooooo impressed with your wiki. I mean, it's actually functional and neat and sleek in presentation. Anyway, I know you won't read this for several weeks, since you will be off having fun in Massachusetts or wherever it is your are going for the next several days, so have a great trip and think about other things you can do for your wiki, and maybe I can contribute as part of my PRS thing that I'm supposed to do for that children's materials class this fall. Let's think about it...over a glass (or two) of wine after you return from your adventures.

Dances With Keyboards said...

Janet - I have been getting updates whenever you add to your wiki. Great job - I hope you are enjoying it as much as you seem to be, and not feeling grumpy.

What does the jello part mean?

Keep up the great work on your blog!