Thursday, June 14, 2007

Week 5

Working with the on line imager Generator Blog was very frustrating. I could only get it to embed by saving it to my hard drive picture file. Then when I imported it from my picture file only the code showed up in the edit field. This made it look like a mistake. I went to blogger help and followed their directions and that was a nightmare. I went back and forth on this for over 1/2 hr until by dumb luck I found out that the image does show up on the blog, not the code as shown in the edit box. I will never use a generator blog again!

Here is my Rollyo:

It is a great concept....looking in one place for many of your favorite websites. I will have to add more!

1 comment:

D. L. S. said...

Hi, I really like your generator thing. It's a stamp of a dragon? It's not a Welsh thing, is it? Just wondering because it looks like that dragon on the top of your car. Yes, it's DLS responding, so you actually know who it is!