Thursday, June 14, 2007

Week 6

Just set up a account and posted some favorites with tags....interesting. I can see how this would be useful for access sites from different computers without having to bookmark them stop shopping is for me!

I explored Technorati and really don't want to enter the blogosphere. If there is a site that I like and has a blog section (new for instance) then I'll just blog on that. I do have a few blogs I check into like Top Chef and Keith Olberman but I only read others not inclined to write one!

As for the tags....I am not really interested in tagging.

July 14th
Thoughts on the future of libraries and 2.0:
I think there are institutional uses for libraries and the future of 2.0, but not ready to say if those uses are all good. Seems some of the technology is a bit too much “busy work” and not enough real use. My outlook may be too narrow, but is a new technology really always better? Is it not sometimes like the person who tries to make a better can opener…might be fancier but is it any better?


Sara smile said...

Good looking blog. I may need to check back and chekc it out to see how you do in the next couple of days. Sara Smile.

Alan Zuckerman said...

I tried Technorati myself for several weeks, then decided yesterday that I'm really not interested in what people are saying in their blogs, with very few exceptions. More to my liking is Bloglines, which at least gives me input from respected or thoughtful or official or previously vetted and edited sources from known publications and people. Blogs are just blather for the most part, such as this comment to your blog. Not that these Library 2.0 blogs aren't interesting to me, because they are. But that's because they're written by my colleagues, whom I know or know about, and they are all about sharing the same experience I've been having.