Thursday, September 27, 2007

The End!

I have finished and have to say it has been worth the time and effort. I may not be able to explain all of the technology I have viewed, but at least I know what it is and a bit about how to use it.

I found working with Wikis most useful. I have begun to set up a Wiki for the system training that I do, and look forward to making it available and interactive for staff.

What surprised me the most was how much interested me....can't say I understand all of it, but see the usefulness of what I explored. It also made me think about where technology is going and how it may or may not impact the library. I would most definitely participate in another program like this.

I guess if I were to put this all in one sentence it would be that ..."There is more to internet technology that is useful to librarians than meets the eye." I would never have tried many things, things that I will/can use for my job, like Wiki. It is fun working with my Blog and have used it to pass along to friends and family events in my life.

Thanks for offering this...I would never have tried or looked at most of this had it not been for this program.

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