Thursday, September 27, 2007

Week 9

Found this on u-tube...very funny!
Monty Python Camelot Lego Animation
I could not embed it because the file was too big but give it a try it is worth the look.

I use downloads, rather than pod-casts, all the time. I find downloads better for me as I listen to them at my computer while doing other things. I alsol often listen through my computer speakers while doing things around the house. I could send them to my ipod but it is more cumbersome carrying the IPod and earphones around while working in my house, Here is an audio feed I listen to that is also available as an pod-cast. APM: Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett
Home > Search > APM: Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett. I also regularly listen to Steven Colbert Colbert Report Pod-cast Home > Search > Colbert Report Pod-cast. This comes on the same time as David Letterman which I tape. It is easier to listen to Colbert as a download because it is in short segments.

I love downloads for many reasons, but really like the radio downloads as I often can not listen to them when they are on and you can't tape them!

E-Books. I am not a big fan of E-Books. If you travel much I can see where this would be useful. Most of the time I listen to books or read the hard copy. My sister travels a lot and does download E-Books and finds them good for planes. I find the ipod screen too small for viewing. I also read recently that e-books are not doing as well as everyone thought they would....this does not surprise me as most people I know would rather hold a hard copy of a book in their lap than their laptop! If e-books were to provide books no longer available I think they would do better. I would download an e-book I could not buy or get at my local library. One note about World E-Book Fair, you have to join (and it appears) pay $8.95 a year. That isn't much and most would join if they wanted to use it, but I couldn't fine where you could try it without login and joining. (Full Text Search of 500,000+ PDF eBook Titles in 100+ Languages. • Membership Required for Access to eBooks. I feel it is a bit deceptive to say World E-Book Fair is free when the only thing free is the access to to articles. I tried some of the other sites, but most require pay....which makes sense, but honestly if I am going to pay, I'll buy it or borrow it in hard copy,

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